Advising Center

Advising Center

Academic advising is an integral part of your undergraduate education. The Mihaylo College of Business and Economics strives to provide each student with the resources, guidance and support to achieve your academic, career and personal goals.

Business Advising Center

The Business Advising Center is the central office for all undergraduate students in the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics. The Center provides information and handouts on MCBE major degree requirements, transfer course evaluations, declaring a concentration, and other policies and procedures. Come visit us in SGMH 1201.

If you have questions about your General Education requirements, please visit the Academic Advising Center in University Hall room 123.

For more career information, please visit the CSUF Career Planning and Placement Center.

For career advising through the Mihaylo College, please visit the Mihaylo Career Services.

Business Advising Center
Fullerton Campus -
SGMH 1201

Walk-In Hours
Monday 8:00 am - 6:45 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am - 6:45 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am - 4:45 pm
Thursday 8:00 am - 4:45 pm


Undergraduate students are welcome to schedule appointments during non-registration  periods.

Business Advising Center
Irvine Campus - IRVC 113

Appointments are recommended (657) 278-1650

Monday 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tuesday   9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Advisory Notes:
1) During registration periods, the demand to see an advisor is very high. Because of this, the Business Advising Center becomes very busy and waits can be long. We advise students to arrive at least one to two hours before our posted closing times.

2) During registration periods, appointments are not available. Advisement during these periods is on a walk-in basis only.

If you have a quick question, send an email to: . Be sure to include your name, campus-wide ID number and state your question clearly. You'll generally get a response in 24-48 hours. Or, you can call the Center and ask your quick question Monday through Thursday between 9:00 and 9:30 am. Our number is 657-278-2211.
Articulation Agreements

Cal State Fullerton has established transfer equivalencies for business courses at the community colleges in the neighboring area. If you would like to see a complete articulation for the entire state of California, please visit the Assist web site at

Career Path Advisors

The undergraduate Career Path Advisors in the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics are designated faculty who are available to answer questions that you have about careers in business and economics.

Mihaylo College Ethics Requirement

One of the goals of the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics (MCBE) is to promote the development of ethically responsible students who will become future professionals in business, economics and other related fields. As responsible members of the Mihaylo College community, students are expected to adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity and overall ethical conduct. To insure that all Mihaylo College students are aware of these standards, the faculty of the Mihaylo College adopted a policy that mandates students fulfill the Mihaylo College Ethics requirement by acknowledging the Mihaylo College Student Code of Ethics, become familiar with the policies and practices related to academic dishonesty and plagiarism, and demonstrate competency in these areas by passing the Mihaylo College Ethics Quiz.

If you are meeting with an advisor, you must first complete the Ethics Requirement.

For more information on how to fulfill the MCBE Ethics Requirement, please go to:

Degree Requirements

If you would like to view a summary of the degree requirements, please go to any of following:

Mandatory Advisement for New Students

To make sure that new students start off on the right track, all newly-admitted students to the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics are required to visit with an advisor before registering for their first semester courses. A registration hold is placed on their first semester's registration.

New freshmen will automatically receive their mandatory advisement by participating in New Student Orientation.

Transfer students are required to visit with an advisor in the Business Advising Center.  Please note that new transfer students are also required to fulfill the MCBE requirement before their first semester's registration. 

Math Qualifying Exam

If you are planning to take Math 130 or 135, Business Calculus, you need to know about the prerequisite requirements and the Mathematics Qualifying Exam. Please visit this site to learn more about the procedures, deadlines, exemptions and fees.

Declaring a Concentration

Students in the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics first enter their major as prebusiness, pre-economics or pre-international majors, whether they are entering freshmen, transfers, or returning students. Before proceeding to Upper Division Concentration Courses, a student must declare a concentration. Learn more here.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Most courses have prerequisites and/or corequisites. A prerequisite is a course or courses that must be taken before another. In some cases, it may be stipulated that the prerequisite course be completed with a minimum grade. A corequisite is a course that may be taken concurrently. It is each student’s responsibility to make sure that they meet prerequisite or corequisite requirements. Students who do not meet requirements may be administratively dropped from the course.

TITAN Degree Audit (TDA)

The TITAN Degree Audit (TDA) is an important advising tool and resource for students at Cal State Fullerton. The TDA report includes your general education and major requirements as well as other unit and scholastic requirements. To obtain your TDA, go to TITAN Online through your Student Portal and select Student Academics.

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