Information Sheet for Prospective Sponsors of
Student Projects

- Department of Marketing -

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Objectives of the Classes

Marketing classes at Mihaylo College at CSUF are designed to offer a balance of theory and practice, and give students hands-on experience with real world projects. As part of the course requirements, students may be asked to work on a sponsored project. This is where you, the sponsoring client, come into the picture. You play a valuable role as a client for whom students do the project.

What Projects Can be Done?

A variety of projects can be done. The respective professors can discuss the specifics and appropriateness of any project with you. The following is a partial list:

  • Marketing research
  • Marketing strategy
  • Promotion plans
  • Google AdWords plans
  • Consumer behavior studies

Since there may be several competing requests, professors are likely to use the following criteria in deciding which projects to pursue:

  • Is the complexity of the project appropriate for the class?
  • Will students be able to apply concepts learned in the class?
  • Will the client get sufficient value from the project?


You get valuable assistance at a very nominal cost. Previous clients have enjoyed interacting with students, and some have approached us for additional work or full time job offers for the students.

Some Constraints

There are some constraints, however, which are as follows:

  • The project has to follow the school calendar and has to start at the beginning of the semester and has to be completed at the end of the semester. For Spring semesters, these dates are (approximately) February 1st and May 15th. For the Fall semester, these dates are (approximately) September 1st and December 10th. Professors may start finalizing the projects and the sponsors about a month before the start of the classes.
  • These are student projects and they are primarily responsible for it. While, the professors work closely with the students, they cannot promise extensive quality control. Having said that, we have had very good feedback from all sponsors and several of them have been interested in coming back.

Your Responsibility

You will be responsible for presenting the project to the students (typically in the classroom) at the beginning of the semester. You are also required to be present at the final student presentation at the end of the semester. We would like you to give us a contact person’s name who can be approached by students or the respective professors, when questions or need for clarifications, arise. In addition, you are expected to make a small donation to the department (which is not intended to compensate the professor), and cover expenses for the project. All checks should be made to CSUF Philanthropic Foundation Account 10500 (Marketing Department). Mail Checks to Attn: Ms. Paula Parker, Department of Marketing, College of Business, Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton, CA 92834.

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