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Study Buddy Withdrawal Policy Attendance Policy Academic Dishonesty
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Course Description

This seminar course is designed to prepare student to make a smooth transition from the academic program into the business world. It focuses on the analytical and decision-making processes involved in formulating and implementing marketing strategies.

It provides the opportunity for students to review and integrate many of the concepts and techniques they encountered in earlier courses. For instance, it offers insights into building a strategy based on market segmentation, product positioning, and portfolio management. We emphasizes the strategic implications of these concepts and techniques in the practical reality of marketing management.

Hence, contents of student assignments reflect some of the important developments occurring in the rapidly changing global marketplace. We study successful cases of global marketing, service marketing and marketing on the Internet. Students are required to develop strategy options for a variety of real world settings for large and small companies, as well as to hone their decision skills in case studies.

Prerequisite: Marketing 351, 353, 370, 379.

Course Sequence for Marketing Students
We want you, our students, to get the maximum value out of your education and are able to graduate in a timely manner. As such we strongly recommend that students seeking a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing consider the following sequence when registering for courses:

Semester 1: M351
Semester 2: M353 and M370
Semester 3: M379 and one Elective Course
Semester 4: M489 and one Elective Course

Following this sequence will ensure that you meet your prerequisites for your other courses, and move smoothly through the program.  Please visit the Department of Marketing website for more information:

Teaching Method
Case problem analysis and practical exercises, discussions, group projects and presentations.

Course Objectives

  1. To familiarize you with the theoretical framework of strategy decisions.
  2. To heighten your awareness of marketing trends in the global marketplace, in various industries, and in the Information Age.
  3. To expose you to a variety of problems faced by marketing planners and strategists, marketing and advertising managers, sales managers, and marketing analysts.
  4. To develop your skills in applying the quantitative approach to strategy decisions.
  5. To increase your experience in using the personal computer as a decision-making tool.
  6. To enhance your ability in using information technologies for marketing purposes.
  7. To hone your articulation in professional communications and multi-media presentation skills.
  8. To help you gain hands-on experience on developing and executing live marketing campaigns

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Required Text

Custom E-Text--Strategic Marketing Problems: Cases and Comments, Roger A. Kerin and Robert A. Peterson, 12th edition, Prentice Hall, 2011.


Recommended Supplies
Your own convenient access to a personal computer, e-mail account and the Internet.

Assignments are listed on the
Class Schedule. For instructions, please check the assignments on Blackboard.

Live Marketing Campaign
Students will be assigned into groups (the number of groups will depend on class size). Each group will develop a marketing plan for a local business and execute their plan in real time. Please see details on Blackboard.

Attendance Policy and Class Participation
Class attendance is required. Late arrival is highly discouraged. Students who attend class will be extended full tutorial support; students who miss class for other than documented medical reasons are not eligible for tutoring by the professor.

Students will be called on to discuss assigned materials and completed homework assignments. Absence or lack of preparation will reduce the student's class participation grade.

Participation is a key part of business in general, and marketing in particular. Ideas and input from varied sources are necessary and highly valuable.  Keep in mind, however, that your participation grade is not a reflection of how often you speak, but of the contribution your comments make to the class.  More specifically, it includes thoughtful in-class questions and comments, and to a lesser extent, attendance and preparation.  Thoughtful comments are those that provide evidence of analysis and listening to others.  Case participation points are allocated along a continuum of 1-5.


(0 pts)

Physically present in the room (even if you are sleeping)

(1 points)

Present and looking attentive

(3 points)

Present, attentive, and making valuable contributions

(5 points)


Study Buddy
You should keep the phone numbers, address or E-mail address of at least one study buddy in the class. You are encouraged to share your notes, collaborate in assignments, and study for the tests as a team or a group.

Withdrawal Policy
This class is subject to the withdrawal policies of CSUF and the College of Business and Economics.

Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism
Academic dishonesty, when detected, will result in a lower letter grade for the work at hand, and may result in an F for the course plus additional university level disciplinary action. The instructor will enforce the University policy on academic dishonesty. Please refer to the current catalog. Please report student cheating to Sandra Rhoten, Associate Dean, Judicial Affairs. Please also refer to information about CSUF policies on academic integrity (see UPS 300.021).

Professional Demeanor
Part of receiving a university education from the College of Business and Economics is learning the functional content of your chosen field.  Another objective is learning to act like a member of that professional field.  Professional demeanor will be evaluated as part of your in-class behavior.

Method of Evaluation

Individual Exercises 10%
Individual Case/Worksheets 20%
Group Case Report 5%
Group Presentation 5%
Marketing Campaign Project 25%
Class participation 5%
Exam                                        30%  
Total 100%

.............Bonus points

Course Grade  Grade Point    Total Score     Expected Quality and GPA Equivalent

               A+          4.0                97 - 100%      Excellent work on exams, assignments and participation.

               A             4.0                93 - 96%      

               A -          3.7                90 - 92%

               B+          3.3                87 - 89%        Very good work on the above.

               B            3.0                83 - 86%            

               B -         2.7                80 - 82%

               C+         2.3                77 - 79%         Average work. Acceptable level of knowledge competency.

               C           2.0                73 - 76%             

               C -         1.7                70 - 72%

               D+         1.3                67 - 69%         Need more study and learning on the subject.

               D            1.0                63 - 66%             

               D -         0.7                60 - 62%

               F            0.0                below 60%      Unsatisfactory in the areas of exams and assignments.

Marketing Portfolio (non-graded program requirement)
In the business community, marketing professionals traditionally create a portfolio of accomplishments showcasing their unique abilities and talents.  This portfolio enables these professionals to provide tangible evidence of their value to potential employers or customers--especially in a highly competitive marketplace. 
At CSUF, students seeking a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing are required to submit their own personal Marketing Portfolios to their MKTG 489 instructor at the conclusion of the semester they take the course. 

A complete Marketing Portfolio will consist of a Cover Page, Table of Contents, Generic Cover Letter, Current Resume and 3 Executive Summaries describing any academic (from any course completed), business, or volunteering achievements of your choice.  Individual or group work may be used to create an executive summary. Please see a student testimonial, instructions and sample portfolio.

Contingency Assignment
If the instructor cannot meet the class due to unexpected circumstances, students are required to work on the assignment listed on the class schedule and present the finished work in the subsequent class.

Assessment Statement

The main purpose of the degree program at Mihaylo College of Business and Economics (MCBE) at CSU Fullerton is to provide you with the knowledge and skills that prepare you for a successful career in business. In order to assist us in achieving this goal, we will use a number of assessment tools to track your progress throughout the MCBE curriculum. Please expect to participate in MCBE assessment activities in several of your courses while at MCBE. As you do so, you will assist us in identifying our program’s strengths and weaknesses as well as areas for potential improvement. In other words, you are making an important investment in the value of your degree.

For more information on our College-based assurance of learning efforts, please visit our Assessment Center website at:

Please also see this link to University Assessment.

Special Needs
Students have the right to accommodations for documented special needs via the Disabled Student Service Office, UH 101, (657) 278-3117 or as documented at

Applying Concepts from MKTG 353
The set of tools provided in MKTG 353 (a pre-requisite for most MKTG 300-level and MKTG 400-level courses) enable you to better analyze and understand a variety of marketing issues.  If you are concurrently enrolled in MKTG 353 and this course, please make every effort to learn about and how to use the tools listed below.  Please ask your MKTG 353 instructor for assistance, if needed.  The most relevant set of MKTG 353 tools appropriate for this course include, but are not limited to:

Application                                 Tools                                          Location

Identify and Size                      BusinessMap                            Computer Lab

Market Opportunities              Mint Global Database              Library Portal

                                                    U.S. Census                               www.census.gov__

Break-even Analysis               Microsoft Excel                         Computer Lab

Margin Analysis

Pro Forma Statements                                                                                   _______

Tables                                        Microsoft Word                          Computer Lab

Insert Map                                                                                                     _________

Customer Analysis                   Tapestry by ESRI                     Computer Lab

Targeting and Indices              MRI                                

Internet Reporting                                                                 

Sales and Demand                  BPI Index                                  Computer Lab ______

Library reference guide for marketing materials is available at

The Sales Leadership Center
SCL at CSUF is dedicated to preparing CSUF students for careers in sales.  I would encourage you to get involved.  Please visit for additional information. 

Career Planning
Visit the Career Planning and Placement Center website at
for helpful information and assistance available through the University.

Marketing Scholarships
The marketing department offers a number of scholarships to deserving students. We encourage you to apply for these scholarships. Updated information on these scholarships is usually available on the college website at the end of the Fall semester. The last date for applying for these scholarships is typically towards the end of February/beginning of March.

Details of the marketing scholarships can be viewed by clicking on the following link and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Be sure to check for updated/new information on these scholarships in January.

In addition, for general information and resources on CBE scholarships, you can access the main financial aid website,

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