MSIT Curriculum

The MS in Information Technology consists of ten courses (30 units of coursework): 

Study Plan: In addition to the course requirements, students will be required to complete an Orientation Seminar (Boot-up Camp) prior to the beginning of the program. Students will also participate in a Seminar at the end of the first year to authenticate and assess their progress in the program.

  • Attendance at the initial seminar (Boot-up Camp).
  • Attendance at the end of year seminar.

Required Courses (21 units total):

  • ISDS 405 Programming Concepts for Information Technology (3)
  • ACCT 509 Financial and Managerial Accounting Topics (3)
  • ISDS 550 Business Data Communications (3)
  • ISDS 551 Information Resource Management (3)
  • ISDS 552 Systems Analysis, Design and Development (3)
  • ISDS 553 Electronic Commerce: Analysis and Evaluation (3)
  • ISDS 555 Business Databases: Design & Processing (3)

Elective Courses (6 units): The choice of the two electives will be made by the Program Coordinator in consultation with the students enrolled in the cohort and the Program Council. Students will (as a group) select two. Possible candidates include the following:

  • ISDS 435 Integrated Enterprise Information Systems (3)
  • ISDS 518 Quantitative Tools for Information Technology Management (3)
  • ISDS 554 E-Commerce: Technological Perspective (3)
  • ISDS 556 Data Warehousing and Data Management (3)
  • ISDS 558 Advanced Software Development with Web Applications (3)
  • ACCT 507 Seminar in Accounting Information Systems (3)

Capstone Experience (3 units):

  • ISDS 577 Seminar in Information Systems Implementation (3)
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