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Departments at the College of Business & Economics offer the student an individualized approach to education. Our departments include:

A degree in this AACSB accredited program can open doors for students aspiring careers in business consulting, auditing, financial planning, and law enforcement.

Economists participate in strategic pricing, cost analysis, marketing research, statistical forecasting, and the evaluation of social programs. Students of economics find employment in national and multinational corporations, unions, and all levels of government.

A degree in finance will give students a strong understanding of how companies make financing and asset investment decisions so as to continually improve the profitability of a company's operations.

Information Systems & Decision Sciences
The goal of the College's ISDS program is to develop professionals who understand the underlying theory of decision making systems - information systems, management science, or statistics - and have the necessary skills for success in the business environment.

International Business
The international business program provides students with a body of knowledge common to all students in the field of business, specific knowledge related to the global practice of business, and enhances foreign language skills, history and an understanding of the culture of the country or countries where the language is used.

A degree in management will enable students to assume their first job knowing that the functions of management - planning, organizing, and controlling - are designed to enhance performance and service operations.

Marketing / Business Communication
Marketing programs enable professionals to identify and design products and services that meet the needs of their organization's customers. A balance of creative and analytic abilities makes marketing managers among the highest paid professionals in the organization.

Business Communication Program offers lower division, upper division, and graduate courses in business communication. Mastery of oral and written business communication skills gives students a competitive edge in the marketplace and is a stepping stone to career success.

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