Certificate of Professional Sales
CPS General Session
Tue, April 7, 2015
4:30 to 6:30 pm
O'Brien Center, SGMH 3230
Registration Open

BYC: Ready, Set, Go!
Tue, April 14, 2015
4:30 to 6:30 pm
Pine 111, located near Gastronome
Registration Open

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Earn a Certificate of Professional Sales

Students have the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Professional Sales. The program is designed for CSUF students who are seeking employment as a sales professional or would like to learn sales skills.

The Certificate is a clear indication of a student's commitment to enhancing their value to potential employers, and is a speaking point on any résumé.

The certificate is a document of accomplishment and intent to explore a professional sales career. You demonstrate your desire to develop personal sales skills through sales training, networking, and industry exploration. Students who receive this certificate require less professional training than their non-sales educated peers.

How do I earn a Certificate of Professional Sales?

While earning the certificate will require a level of commitment, it is a relatively easy and fun-filled process of developing your sales skills, attending interesting events, networking with the center's partners and recruiters, attending career fairs, and interacting with other students in professional and social settings.

Completion requirements will include attending SLC events, completion of courses, and participating in the Titan Sales Competition.

For further information and to develop your personal roadmap, please set an appointment with the Center's Co-Director:
Mark Mantey
Email: mjstate@gmail.com
Phone: 805-455-3920

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