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Entrepreneurship is an academic discipline that is perfectly matched for the new millennium workplace. Built upon a decidedly “hands on” approach with field case consulting and solid academic fundamentals, Entrepreneurship offers the tools to build new businesses and to create innovative solutions in medium to large sized firms. For the individual who wants to run a small business or wants to create one, this is the program for you.

Undergraduate Program- Entrepreneurship Major

The Center for Entrepreneurship at California State University Fullerton's Mihaylo College of Business and Economics is looking for a limited number of hardworking undergraduate students with intellectual curiosity and entrepreneurial ambitions to enroll in entrepreneurship.

The Center has put together an impressive network of volunteer advisors who are eager to help you make your success happen. To learn more, drop by the Center for Entrepreneurship, SGMH-3280 and see John Bradley Jackson, or Travis Lindsay, You may leave a general message at (657) 278-3464 or To declare for the concentration, contact the Business Advising Center, SGMH-1201, (657) 278-2211.



The entrepreneurship concentration was created to prepare students to successfully launch new businesses either independently or within companies by completing the courses in this concentration, you will learn how to assess business opportunities, obtain funding for new ventures, operate efficiently and profitably, and build maximum value for your estate. The concentration is exciting because the courses all contain projects with real businesses in the local area.

Students will experience first-hand how businesses compete successfully in the marketplace. And, you'll be prepared to launch a business as you graduate. Like other concentrations (e.g., Finance), the undergraduate entrepreneurship concentration is six, three-unit courses. You take four new specialty courses and take a two-course, new venture sequence. Each of the four specialty courses gives you hands-on experience with entrepreneurs. All six courses are offered each semester Fall and Spring semesters.

The two-course, new venture sequence:

MGMT 465-A: New Venture Creation and Funding
Advisement note: MGMT 465A must be taken prior to MGMT 465B. Please plan accordingly.
Teams of 1-4 students will develop product and service concepts for new ventures, test the concepts, design operating systems, and develop financial forecasts. The teams will synthesize their work into business plans for the ventures, and present the plans to funding panels of successful entrepreneurs and financial experts. The new ventures may be the students' own, or the team may choose to help a business owner create a new venture. The new ventures may be start up businesses or new profit centers within existing businesses.

MGMT 465-B: New Venture Launch
Advisement note: MGMT 465A must be taken prior to MGMT 465B. Please plan accordingly.
Teams of 1-5 students will participate in the launch of new ventures. The new ventures may be the students' own, or the team may choose to help a business owner launch a new venture. The new ventures may be start up businesses or new profit centers within existing businesses. Ventures may be funded ventures carried over from the New Venture Creation and Funding class. Students may switch teams between the two classes.


The four specialty courses:

MGMT 461: Entrepreneurial Management
Coverage of general management issues for new ventures, including planning, organization and control. The emphasis will be on setting up systems to better serve the new venture's customers.

MKTG 462: Marketing for Entrepreneurs
Coverage of market analysis for new products and services, competitive analysis, alternatives for entering markets, associated costs, and launch feasibility.

ACCTG 463: Accounting for Entrepreneurs
Coverage of accounting system design for new ventures, budgeting, purchasing, collections, payroll, taxes, safeguards against error and embezzlement, financial reports, cash management, and banking relationships.

MGMT 464: Entrepreneurial Leadership
Coverage of leadership roles, organizational development and human resource management for new ventures. Specific topics will include job design, job specification, recruitment, selection, compensation, benefits, training, team building, performance reviews, rewards, and incentive plans.



Five of the Business Administration Core Courses are prerequisites for Entrepreneurship Concentration Courses. To give yourself maximum registration flexibility in the future, try to complete the five prerequisite courses ASAP. Here is the List of Prerequisites:

Management 461 - New Venture Management
Prerequisites: ACCTG 201B and MGMT 339

Marketing 462 - Marketing for Entrepreneurs
Prerequisites: ACCTG 201B and MKTG 351

Accounting 463 - Financial Controls for New Ventures
Prerequisites: ACCTG 201B and FIN 320

Management 464 - New Venture Leadership
Prerequisites: MGMT 340


Contact the Business Advising Center to declare in SGMH-1201, (657) 278-2211. For details regarding the concentration, contact the Center for Entrepreneurship, or visit the Center, SGMH-3280.


Undergraduate Program- Entrepreneurship Minor

This new minor is designed to give a set of courses in business and entrepreneurship to students majoring in disciplines outside of business. Whether you will pursue a career in a smaller, technology-based company or get involved in starting a new company, this minor is for you. It provides a basic background in business and entrepreneurship. If you are a bachelor degree student at the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics or the College of Engineering & Computer Sciences, you can benefit from courses which will provide a foundation for involvement in the business aspects of science and technology-based companies.

Following is a list of required courses, by catalog number, title and units of credit. To enroll, first contact the Business Advising Center located in Mihaylo Hall, Room 1201 to declare your entrepreneurship minor. The center is open Monday through Thursday on a walk-in basis. For further information and specific hours, call (657) 278-2211 or e-mail You need to declare the minor before enrollment in upper division classes. 18 units are required for the Minor in Entrepreneurship.

Requirements for the Minor in Entrepreneurship (18 units)
BUAD 210 Understanding Business (3)
ACCTG 201A Financial Accounting (3)
FIN 320 Business Finance (3)
MKTG 351 Principles of Marketing (3)
MGMT 465A New Venture Creation (3)
MGMT 465B* New Venture Launch (3)

*Advisory Note: MGMT 465B requires the prior completion of MGMT 465A. Please plan to take these classes sequentially. No exceptions.

To Learn More About This Program, Visit the Center for Entrepreneurship, Located in Mihaylo Hall, Room 3280, or call (657) 278-3464 or email:

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