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Our mentors are picked from the professional world and, as such, they tend to be fairly busy. This opportunity is only available to teams/individuals participating in the 2014 CSUF Business Plan Competition. So, if you want help from a mentor you should enter the competition!

Why do they do this? First and foremost, they volunteer as a way of giving back to the university and to society at large. And a true mentoring relationship also works in both directions – they learn about new ideas from you just as you learn timeless wisdom from them.

How will teams benefit from seeing a mentor:

  1. Everybody needs a good reliable sounding board, second opinion, and sometimes just emotional support.
  2. They’ve “been there, done that.” Learn from others' mistakes and successes. They don't have to have experience in your particular industry. Their role is to share with you lessons from their experience in the hopes that you can learn them a bit more quickly and easily.
  3. Expand your social network. Your mentor, being an experienced businessperson, is likely to have an extensive network, and can offer you access to far more senior decision-makers than you currently have.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by finding a good mentor. Every entrepreneur should have one.

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