Ralph WinterRalph Winter
Film & TV Producer, 1019 Entertainment, Producer “The Giver”, “X-Men”

Ralph Winter has proven himself one of Hollywood’s most profitable producers in motion picture and television.  Recently he produced “The Giver” and “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny.”  While working on 20th Century Fox films he produced box office successes including the “X-Men” trilogy and “Fantastic Four” movies, which combined to gross nearly $2 billion.  Throughout his career, Winter has produced over 40 films, and produced/directed television for Steven Spielberg at DreamWorks.  He is a founding partner in the commercial production company ThomasWinterCooke, which has successfully pioneered branded entertainment with product integration ranging from global beverage brands to automobiles.  A graduate of UC Berkeley, Winter is active in performing arts projects and speaks regularly around the country at universities and film festivals.

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