Internships and Jobs

Internships and Jobs

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About the Program
The Center for Internships and & Community Engagement (CICE) was established to offer students the opportunity to formally integrate academic studies with practical work experience prior to graduation. Internships and cooperative education positions allow you] to expand your knowledge and develop your skills in a "real work" situation which can better prepare you for selecting a career and successfully entering the job market upon graduation. This experience enables you to clearly define your educational and career goals while earning academic credit. Students participating in internships/cooperative education opportunities are supervised and monitored by both a site supervisor and a member of the University faculty. The Center for Internships and CICE acts as a bridge linking companies and organizations with CSUF students and faculty.

Program Options
There are two basic internship/cooperative education position types:
Parallel program (internships) work part-time and continue studies concurrently Alternate program (cooperative education) work full-time for a semester or a summer and continue studies the following semester with the possibility of returning for a second work period. Both paid and unpaid internship positions are available.

The Center's Role
Maintain student files and program statistics. Develop and maintains contacts with internship/cooperative education providers. Provide students and faculty coordinators with information related to current internship opportunities. Facilitate student enrollment in the internship courses. Promote internship/cooperative education opportunities to students.

The Faculty Coordinator's Role
Guide and assist students in defining career and academic goals. Provides approval for students to establish files. Define requirements for academic credit. Monitor student's internship/cooperative education work experience. Evaluates student performance. Awards academic credit.

Benefits for You
Explore various career options within a major. Solidify academic and career goals. Gain work experience in your career field. Network and develop industry contacts. Earn academic credit which is reflected on your academic transcript. Receive guidance from faculty coordinators.

Additional Benefits
Through your participation in an internship or in cooperative education, your chances of obtaining a position in your desired field will be increased. Upon graduation, you are more marketable to potential employers. More and more first-time professional hires come from the pool of students who have completed an internship or cooperative education position.

Participation Requirements
You must:
Be a currently enrolled student at California State University, Fullerton. Be completing a program of study that will lead, upon graduation, to a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Be at least in your junior year of study (have completed a minimum of 59 semester units of coursework). Be in good academic standing (min. 2.0 GPA). Receive approval from Gerald Hoth, the Accounting Department's internship coordinator.

Application Procedures
An Academic Internship Information Card with full internship application procedures can be found on the CICE website at Simply select the card fir your major discipline. If you wish to speak to a CICE team member you may call us on 657-278-3746 or visit our office Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm in LH-206.

Job Listings
For information about Internship & Job Listings, please visit website of Center for Internships & Service Learn

If you are presently employed or if you hold a volunteer position requiring a significant time commitment, that position may meet the requirements to enable you to receive academic credit for the experience. Contact CICE for more information.

For more career information, please visit the CSUF Career Planning and Placement Center.

For career advising through the Mihaylo College, please visit the Mihaylo Career Services.

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