Accounting Careers

A major in accounting provides students with a variety of career choices. The primary areas of employment include positions in public accounting, corporate accounting, government accounting and education. Within each of these principal categories, there are many unique opportunities. For example, public accounting includes audit and tax work, consulting, advising and planning. The management accountant in the corporate organization could specialize in cost accounting, internal auditing or tax planning, as well as service in management and advisement positions. Every governmental agency and subdivision needs accountants. The work in this area is as varied as the number of division. Government accountants prepare financial reports, serve as both internal and external auditors and are crucial in the budgeting process. Courses in accounting also meet the requirements for the Single Subject Waiver program for secondary teachers in California. In addition, the undergraduate degree in accounting is a stepping stone to a master’s degree that would allow one to teach at the community college level and also as an instructor at a university.

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